90 Day Reputation Accelerator

  • pilotPR’s 90-Day Reputation Accelerator

The 12-week 1 to 1 program.

A shortcut to building your professional profile so you get it right from the start.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a feeling in your gut that building your professional profile will grow your business faster or get you into the boardroom?
  • Do you want to avoid mistakes and fast-track getting results? 
  • Do you need to position yourself as someone who knows what they’re talking about from the start?
  • Does the thought of having an opinion in public make you feel sick and that it might make the internet trolls come out from behind their keyboards?
  • Have you seen other executives get burned by the media and you don’t want the same to happen to you?
  • Do you live by your values and don’t want to compromise them?
  • Are you busy, so anything you do needs to be sustainable but also get great results?
  • Do you want to build your reputation into an asset that delivers for you again and again?

Then welcome! The 90-day accelerator is my bespoke 1-1 program that will get you clear on what to say and who to say it to so you can build your profile with ease and it delivers long-term results for you.

The program

Weeks 1 – 4:

  • We work with you to get you clear on what you want your reputation to deliver for you
  • We analyse your industry, the media and influencers you admire and we identify how you can ‘own a space’
  • We get really clear on who your audience is
  • We recommend the platforms you should use to build your profile 
  • We start to explore the topics you’ll start to build your reputation on (we call them content pillars)

Weeks 5 – 8:

  • We get you really clear on your content pillars and create a plan for you to bring them to life
  • We’ll create key messages for you that you use to communicate your value and point of difference
  • We’ll recommend how you can update your online profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram) and we’ll help you edit them
  • We agree the platforms you’ll prioritise and what you’ll do on each (you get bespoke, easy to use guidelines for each one)
  • We identify the media you’ll build relationships with and create a media list just for you. We help you kick off productive relationships with a core group of journalists
  • We create a list of other visibility opportunities, like podcasts, guest blogging, webinars, standing profile opportunities with the media and interviews
  • We create your own list of awards to enter, as well as speaking and panel opportunities 
  • We believe in our programs being sustainable for our clients, so in this phase we discuss resourcing with you and help you find a way to make it easy (this is different for everyone)

Weeks 9 – 12:

  • You’ll be introducing yourself to journalists (with our help)
  • You’ll be creating your first thought leadership pieces and testing them with a few people you trust deeply to ensure you’re getting it right
  • You’ll have a long list of ideas for blog topics, interviews
  • You’ll know what you’re going to prioritise now and what you’ll do later
  • You’ll know what success looks like 

What my clients say about working with me

“Earlier this year, I acquired the Australian operations of FutureBrand, a global transformation company. One of the most important tasks was the announcement of the acquisition and subsequent promotion of the new ownership. Having engaged Ange, she has helped us take full advantage of the opportunity, helping to guide our messaging, secure the right kind of coverage, and provide strategic counsel at key points along the way. Ange is now very much part of our business and she plays a valuable role in managing our profile and supporting our growth for the future.”

Rich Curtis, CEO FutureBrand Australia

“I have had the great fortune of working with Angela for over ten years. Angela takes the time to gain a deep understanding of not only your objectives, but the values of both your organisation and the key stakeholders she represents. This understanding translates into highly personalised ‘Public Relations’ advice that ties back to activity directed at achieving objectives. I love working with Angela and have total confidence that I will get unfiltered, educated advice.”

Cameron Pearson, CEO Virgil Assist

“pilotPR are terrific to work with. Angela is a truly professional and polished partner who provides guidance, ideas and feedback which enables you to work through your corporate positioning and gain confidence in your own communications.

ASX-board director client

Meet Angela

Hi, I’m Angela and I have 20 years’ experience working in corporate PR, managing reputation programs

for multinational businesses, creating thought leadership strategies, building the profiles of CEOs and the executive teams and managing issues when they hit the media or social platforms.

I started pilotPR in 2013 having left the PR agency I was working for to have my first baby and work flexibly with clients I love. 

In 2018, my first reputation client was referred to me – a c-Suite leader with integrity who’d been named in negative media stories a decade earlier that were still all over Google. He’d been unlucky and didn’t deserve to be mentioned in the media stories in the first place, but 10 years later he definitely deserved to move on.

So, we created a strategy for him that was almost the opposite of everything he’d done with his profile until then. He went from hiding in the dark to stepping out onto platforms to proactively shape his reputation and build a future for his career. We bumped the negative stories down and he stepped up, moving into roles that had been out of reach for him until then. 

Now, I work with business leaders so that they position themselves as experts from the start and they build their profiles over the long-term, helping them to grow their business and be known as an authority in their industry. I specialise in working with founders, who need to build their profile as a business leader in alignment with the profile they want for their business.

My point of difference is that I combine my experience in corporate PR, executive profiling and media strategy with social media and online communications, so that my clients know how to position themselves as an expert from the start. I coach my clients to treat their reputation like a tangible asset that delivers long-term results, just like a business does. And we treat the PR for their business exactly the same. We get their positioning right from the start and I get results. 

My clients have won new business because of the work they do with me, been offered speaking and interview opportunities due to their increased visibility, created a media profile they never thought was possible and been able to grow their business faster.

If you’d like to know more, you can watch my intro video here or if you’d like to talk about how you can sign up to my 90-day accelerator, you can book a time to talk with me here.

Looking forward to working with you!

pilotPR’s 90-day accelerator subscription

Total payment: $10,000 AUD + gst

Paid in three installments over three months.

What you get:
  • Me working 1-1 with you for three months to create a strategy that ensures you get it right from the start
  • A shortcut to knowing what to say, to who and on what platforms
  • A bespoke media list, templates to introduce yourself to key journalists and media opportunities
  • A program that works with your busy load and ensures it’s easy to implement over the long-term
  • You’ll also know why you’re doing it and how to measure your success
  • A plan to create your platforms for thought leadership (blog, podcast, webinars etc) and I’ll create the first few with you
  • Advice, positioning and messaging for all the platforms where you will be visible (the media, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram etc)
  • Industry, media, influencer and peer analysis so you can be sure you ‘own a space’ and your not just shouting into a crowded, noisy room about something already being talked about
  • A trusted advisor, working with you confidentially to get a strategy up and running that you’re proud of, gets results and helps you get to where you want to be faster

Get In Touch

I work with a select number of leaders each year. Enquire today about the availability of our 90-day accelerator 

This link will take you to my Calendly, where you can book so I can answer any questions you have. My Calendly will ask you a few quick questions which tell me a bit about who you are and the results you want ahead of our call when we see if we’re a good fit.

Here is the link. Looking forward to talking to you!