Reputation Building Program for CEOs

  • Reputation Building Program for CEOs

A confidential one-on-one reputation building program for CEOs and leaders who want to build their reputation with expertise, purpose and strategic advice.

Many business leaders have said to me they know building their profile and reputation is a requirement of their role. The most common feedback I hear is:

  • ‘I know I need to do this’: This program will create a personal plan for you to build your reputation with authority and ease, with my ongoing advice and support
  • ‘I don’t know where to start’: The strategy I develop for you will identify how you can ‘own a space’ so you build an engaged audience and expert profile
  • ‘I don’t have the time’: As a c-Suite leader your focus is on the business you lead, which is why you haven’t done this before. I support you to implement your reputation strategy and access the right level of resourcing so you can focus on leading your business while you build an expert reputation

pilotPR has one spot available in its 12-month program for CEOs in 2020. Once this place is filled, the program will be closed until early-2021.

This program is confidential and you will work one-on-one with me, Angela Cross, to follow my process and implement a strategy that:

  • Identifies where you can ‘own a space’ and build an engaged audience
  • Identifies the platforms that are right for you, including social, online and traditional media
  • Achieves results that support you to lead your business and share your expertise with the people you lead, your industry, the media and stakeholders
  • Sets you on a path to becoming a ‘person of influence’ with your industry, the broader business community, and the media
  • Starts to build your career legacy
  • Is sustainable and you are supported with resourcing

The Process

Background: We cover your career, business goals and what you want to achieve personally to lay the foundations of your bespoke reputation strategy

Values & defining success: At three one-on-one sessions, I help you define your values and what your career legacy looks like, identify your audience, develop your content pillars and decide on the right platforms for you

Positioning: I review your competitors and select peers’ reputations, so I can help you find a space you can own that isn’t already crowded with experts

Strategy: I create a plan and timeline that includes your key themes, content pillars, platforms and your schedule

Your program: You get a program that is sustainable in the long-term as you build your career legacy

Ongoing advisory: Throughout the program, I advise you on how to build an engaged audience across all platforms where you will be active,  we  have fortnightly calls (or more or less, depending on your schedule)

Support: I identify resourcing and areas where you need support (either via internal teams or pilotPR, or both)

Quarterly progress sessions


At the end of the program, you will –

  • Be building your profile with clarity, vision and in a way that will serve your career plan and career legacy
  • Be building a reputation that will support the businesses you lead over the long-term
  • Be moving you towards becoming a ‘person of influence’ beyond your immediate network
  • Have me on call to work through opportunities and roadblocks. I’ll help keep you on track
  • Be supported with resourcing so that your efforts are sustainable over the long term and you can focus on leading your business


As I am offering this as a stand-alone program for the first time, the fees below are reduced. There are three tiers to choose from. Program fees from 2021 and beyond will increase by 50%.

Tier 1: This is the ‘you have me on tap’ option. Tier 1 includes everything in tier 2, as well as unlimited contact via phone, email and WhatsApp. I monitor your content and activity to provide advice ongoing and in real time. I also engage with your audience on your behalf when you need it (eg. During travel and critical business periods). $49,500 + gst

Tier 2: This includes three one-on-one strategy sessions, strategy development and planning documents, desktop research, quarterly progress sessions, fortnightly calls, regular monitoring and advice throughout the year. $27,500 + gst

Tier 3: This tier is best-suited to an executive based inter-state or overseas or an executive who wants to work on their own once their strategy and program is finalised. I’ll run the program via Zoom, phone calls, WhatsApp and email. The process will be the same and we will have quarterly progress sessions, but there will be less monitoring and no fortnightly calls. $19,500 + gst

If you require support with interviewing, writing, scheduling or posting, I will quote this depending on your requirements.

Let’s work together

The 12-month program is by application. When this place is filled, applications will close until early-2021.

If you’d like to know more about the program, click here to apply and book a 15-minute Zoom call with me.