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pilotPR is a PR consultancy that specialises in reputation management.

We build expert reputations for organisations and business leaders.

We work with organisations that are innovators in their field, but aren’t gaining traction with traditional media; their social media lacks purpose and isn’t aligned to what the brand wants to be known for; and they know they could be using their thought leadership to build the brand’s profile and support their growth.

We also work with business leaders who want to build their profiles so they are positioned as an expert from the start, they know what to say and on what platform, and they know why they’re building their profile so it serves them in the long-term and helps them grow their business faster.


We work with mid-size organisations that have grown rapidly and are innovators within their industry, but aren’t known for it yet. Typically, our clients are thought leader brands, but due to their size or rapid growth, they lack the resources to use this content and build their brand’s reputation as the leader of their industry.

We develop strategies for our clients so they are positioned as experts. We develop messaging that stands them apart from competitors so they can own a space rather than shout into an already crowded room. 

We get our clients media coverage in national, mainstream media outlets. We get their corporate social media strategy right, so they build engaged audiences across numerous online platforms. We get them speaking opportunities. We develop their thought leadership strategy so it’s aligned to their growth objectives. 

By working with pilotPR, our clients get:

  • Multi-platform PR strategy that feeds directly into the business’s growth objectives
  • A clear path to becoming a thought leader and known to audiences beyond your industry and direct network
  • Expert resourcing so that mid-size organisations punch above their weight when it comes to visibility and audience engagement
  • PR strategy that gets results via traditional media, social media, speaking opportunities and events
  • Strategy that aligns the right PR for the business with ongoing expert advice that builds the reputations of the organisation’s executive leaders

We are also highly experienced in issues management, so by working with us our clients are prepared when an issue occurs and the brand recovers faster after it happens.

If you’d like to talk to us about working together, email us.


We work with business leaders so that they build their reputation as an expert from the start. Through our own in-house process, we get our clients’ positioning right so that they can build their profile with authority and lead their business or career to faster growth.

We identify our clients’ professional and personal goals, specific areas of expertise that sets them apart, their community, their values and personal interests, to create a unique strategy that is natural and sustainable. Our strategies identify the platforms they will use to create their profiles, and the topics and content they will focus on to engage their audiences and ‘own a space’. 

Our clients find that when they align their approach to building their reputation with their values and the priorities for the business they lead, building their reputation is purposeful, strategic and easier.

Our clients have won new business because of the work they do with us, been offered speaking and interview opportunities due to their increased visibility, and been able to grow their business or progress their c-Suite career faster.

By working with pilotPR, our clients get:

  • Expert advice and analysis on how they can position themselves as an expert from the start, so they can own a space and build their reputation with authority
  • A reputation building program bespoke to them, so it’s sustainable and directly supports their growth objectives for the business they lead and their own career 
  • Target opportunities, so they can approach podcast hosts, journalists and producers with confidence that they have something to say that’s relevant to their audience
  • Media contacts for their relevant industries and outlets, as well as a roadmap to engage and build relationships with journalists
  • A strategy that is transferable as they progress their career, move organisations or change industries
  • Social media strategy, advice on platforms and how to build an audience

We either work with our clients to develop their strategy and they implement their program themselves, or we create their strategy and support them with ongoing resourcing and advice. We work with our clients in person and online.

If you would like us to help you build your professional reputation, email us.


We work with our clients so they are prepared for potential issues or crises, know how to respond when they happen, and recover faster and more effectively afterwards.

An integral element of our offering is providing advice and support to help our clients protect their reputation if something goes wrong.

With our guidance, our clients know how to respond – whether it’s an angry Tweet that’s gaining traction online or a negative story in mainstream news media – so that their reputation is protected, accurate messages are communicated, stakeholders are informed and audiences move on.

If you’d like us to manage or prepare your business for an issue or crisis, email us.

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