Hi, I’m Angela and I have 20 years’ experience working in corporate PR, managing reputation programs for multinational businesses, creating thought leadership strategies, building the profiles of CEOs and the executive teams, and managing issues when they hit the media or social platforms. 

I started pilotPR in 2013 having left the PR agency I was working for to have my first baby and work flexibly with clients I love. 

In 2018, my first reputation client was referred to me – a c-Suite leader with integrity who’d been named in negative media stories a decade earlier that were still all over Google. He’d been unlucky and didn’t deserve to be mentioned in the media stories in the first place, but 10 years later he definitely deserved to move on.

So, we created a strategy for him that was almost the opposite of everything he’d done with his profile until then. He went from hiding in the dark to stepping out onto platforms to proactively shape his reputation and build a future for his career. We bumped the negative stories down and he got ahead, moving into roles that had been out of reach for him until then. 

The work I did with him sparked an idea that maybe there were other business leaders out there who weren’t in as extreme a situation as him, but wanted to build their reputation with purpose and authority so it had meaning for them and helped them build the business and career they knew they could.

Today, I work with business leaders so that they position themselves as experts from the start. They build their profiles with purpose, helping them to grow their business and be known as an authority in their industry. I specialise in working with founders, who need to build their profile as a business leader in alignment with the profile they want for their business, but I also work with CEOs, ASX board directors, general managers and teams.

My point of difference is that I combine my experience in corporate PR, executive profiling and media strategy with social media and online communications, so that my clients treat their reputation like a tangible asset that delivers long-term results, just like a business does. And we treat the PR for their business exactly the same. We get their positioning right from the start and I get results.

If you’d like to know more, you can watch my intro video here or if you’d like to talk about how you can sign up to my 90-day accelerator, you can book a time to talk with me here.

Looking forward to working with you!

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