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Six reputation management trends for business leaders in 2021

In 2020, I saw many leaders start to proactively building their professional reputation. A combination of the upheaval of COVID meant more leaders started to think they need to set themselves apart to better deliver growth and engagement for their company, a slow down provided some people more time to think about their priorities and […]

Building a Thought Leader Brand in 2020

Last time I wrote, I talked about how business leaders can use thought leadership to build their reputation. It’s only in the past few years – since personal brands became a business in their own right – that leaders have said to me they want to be known as a thought leader. In my experience, […]

So you want to be a thought leader?

In the time I’ve been in PR, the number of clients or prospects who’ve said to me, “I want to be a thought leader” or “I want the brand to be positioned as a thought leader” are many.  While achieving thought leadership is a big goal, it also shows your commitment to being innovative, to […]